A portrait session with Linda! Trying out gels on my strobes. Thanks to Patricia Klop-Arnoldus (Knippie at Home) for the make-up, hair and styling!

Thanks to her cousin Tessa, who is the pregnant woman in my portfolio. Linda saw my work and asked me to take her portrait. Ofcourse I wanted to! We decided to call in the help of Patricia Klop-Arnoldus (Knippie at Home) for hair and make-up. And got to work! 
After two sessions, one a little more casual and the second more classy, I wanted to try something new. Last december I went to a workshop by Richard Terborg at Calumet (a very cool portrait photographer from Almere, Holland. Be sure to check out his work.). We used gels on the strobes which gave a really nice effect. In front of the model we had a light without a gel so the model wouldn't be coloured by the gels. With Linda I wanted to only show the color. I'm really happy with the result, I'm going to do this more often! 
Enjoy the images, more soon! 
Model: Linda Zwinkels​
MUA: Patricia Klop-Arnoldus (Knippie at Home)
Photographer: Glenn Mostert
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